Come join us at the Ives Main Library on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for a Career Fair! The American Job Center, Connecticut Department of Labor, and The WorkPlace will be tabling in the Ives Café from 11-3:30 pm. These incredible organizations will help you start the next chapter of your professional career. From resume writing tips to help searching for jobs, our career fair will offer all kinds of employment resources – for free!  

American Job Center offers help with resume writing, job searching, and offer a great selection of workshops to help boost your skills.  


The Department of Labor (DOL) can help you learn which jobs and careers are right for you, write great cover letters, create a powerful resume that gets you interviews, and conduct effective job searches.  


The Mortgage Crisis Job Training program offers no-cost job training and career services to eligible Connecticut homeowners facing foreclosure or behind on mortgage payments. Qualifying candidates may also receive one month’s mortgage payment or a Stipend. Call 203-610-8580 for more information. 


In Ives Squared from 12-3:30 pm, Workforce Alliance will host “Tech-Time: An Immersive IT Experience” revolving around exploring various career pathways within the field of Information Technology (IT). This event would provide attendees with hands-on experiences and live demonstrations, including but not limited to: 

  • Deconstruction and assembly of computers 
  • Live coding sessions 
  • Virtual Reality headset demonstrations 

The goal is to showcase the diverse opportunities available in the IT industry and inspire individuals to pursue careers in this rapidly evolving field. By offering interactive experiences, we aim to demystify technology and empower attendees to explore their interests and potential career paths. 

For more information on the Career Fair, click HERE. For more information on “Tech-Time,” click HERE.  

We hope to see you there!