We make available a variety of meeting spaces in all our locations for community organizations and businesses to hold meetings and events. Please review our Meeting Room Policy (2023) prior to requesting a room. Placing a room reservation constitutes acknowledgement of and agreement to follow this follow.

To Reserve a Room:

Please review the options and information for each branch and meeting room below:

  1. Click here to be redirected to our reservation system, where you can see room descriptions, photos, and available times to request.
  2. For questions regarding branch library meeting rooms, contact the location nearest you.
  3. For Ives Main Library meeting room questions, please email [email protected] or leave a message at (203) 946-8130 ext. 312 .  Email is strongly preferred and has a faster response time.

The four Tutor Rooms in the lower level Technology Center at Ives Main Library are free of charge and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference for tutor rooms at the Ives Main Library is given to reservations for job interviews, telemedicine appointments, studying, and other related tasks which require a private space. You can schedule a Tutor Room with your library card by using our online reservation system. Tutor Room reservations can also be placed by Library staff at the Ives Information Desk and Ives Technology Center Desk either in person or over the phone. To schedule over the phone, please call (203) 946-8130, ext. 101 (Information Desk) or ext. 130 (Technology Center Desk).

For all meeting room reservations that are not Ives Tutor Rooms, please make your request at least 7 days prior to your meeting. Inquiries can expect an answer within 2 business days. While we aim to serve as many groups as possible and uphold these time frames for requests, we are unable to guarantee them.

Ives Main Library Meeting Rooms

Following is a brief description of available spaces for community use. Spaces are priced as indicated per 2-hour session during regular library hours.

Parking is one- and two-hour metered on-street.

Lower Level

  • Ives Community Program Room ($50) , seats 80-100 depending on seating; includes small stage with ramp accessibility, large screen, overhead projector, good sound system; laptop connection at podium with microphone; kitchen; separate entrance.  Close to Temple St. entrance ramp and public restrooms.
  • Ives Performance Area ($50), flexible seating for 80-100 depending on arrangement; includes electric roll-down projection screen, ceiling-mounted video projector, performance reinforcement sound system with 2 wired microphones and connection panel for laptops.
  • Ives Computer Lab ($50), 9 computer workstations, white board.
  • Ives Board Room ($50), recently remodeled, includes white board, projector, web conferencing facility. Table seats 14, lounge area seats about 8.
  • Tutor Rooms (free). Capacity 2 people. Book a tutor room for one-on-one tutoring, online interviews, and other important school, social services, or job-related business that requires a space to speak privately. Please note that these rooms are not sound-proofed.

First Floor

  • Philip Marett Seminar Room ($25), can accommodate up to 40 standing and seat up to 20; 75″ LED/LCD-technology flat wall panel display with BYOD wireless gateway with Creston AirMedia to connect.

Second Floor

  • Children’s Program Room ($25), adjacent to Young Minds Department, seats up to 30, includes small kitchen, screen. Portable projector, DVD player and large screen TV are available. A good choice for meetings that include parents with small children–you provide the supervision, we provide library books, games, etc.

Fair Haven Library Meeting Rooms

There is no charge for the use of Fair Haven spaces and parking is available in our lot.

Community Program Room seats 45

Multi-function space on Lower Level of Fair Haven Branch Library with projector and screen; stairs to reach room (located on lower level) or use elevator; washrooms just outside room.

Included resources

  • 65 chairs
  • DVD/Blu-ray player
  • laptops available upon request
  • podium
  • projection screen and speakers
  • tables (9) 4 6-ft tables; 5 8-ft tables
  • wi-fi access

Two Tutor rooms can accommodate up to 3 people.

Mitchell Library Meeting Rooms

There is no charge for Mitchell spaces and parking is available in our lot.

Community Program Room seats 30, includes LCD projector, portable screen, dvd player, and small kitchenette.

Wilson Library Meeting Rooms

There is no charge for Wilson spaces and parking is available in our lot.

Community Program Room,  seats 90, includes kitchenette, and mounted LCD projector with surround sound

Family Place Room, accommodates up to 25 people.

2 Conference Rooms, seating capacity of 10 each.

Upper Level Conference Room
Lower Level Conference Room

Atrium, open area that seats about 90.

Computer Lab, includes 15 computers (14 classroom and 1 instructor); projector, printers and wifi. Accommodates 8 people.