Please note that all locations of the library will be closed on Saturday, May 28 and Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day

Library Administration

John Jessen
City Librarian and Director

[email protected]
(203) 946-8124

Luis Chavez-Brumell
Deputy Director

[email protected]
(203) 946-2279

Gina Bingham
Public Services Administrator

[email protected]
(203) 946-8835

Karina Gonzalez
Public Services Administrator

[email protected]
(203) 946-8130 x327

Maria Bernhey
Public Services Administrator

[email protected]

Board of Directors

Mayor Justin Elicker  The Honorable Mayor, Justin Elicker, ex-officio

Dr. Lauren Anderson, President

 Shana N. Schneider, Vice-President 

  Susan S. Lamar, Treasurer

  Lee Cruz, Board Member 

 Dr. Dolores Garcia-Blocker, Board Member

  Andrew Giering, Board Member

  Claudia Merson, Board Member

  The Honorable Jeanette Morrison, Board Member

Irene Logan NHFPL Board Member  Irene Logan, Board Member

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