Now and tomorrow, the New Haven Free Public Library will transform lives and contribute to creating a strong, resilient, and informed community where everyone can thrive.


The New Haven Free Public Library fosters lifelong learning, inspires curiosity, and builds community through shared access to resources, experiences, and opportunities for all.


Advance Literacy
Ensure that our community has access to materials, services and training to accelerate literacy, and to promote the joy of reading across generations.

Foster Learning and Achievement
Teach skills for all customers that are crucial in the 21st century, help to close the digital divide, bridge educational gaps, and navigate the complexities of daily life.

Provide Access to Knowledge
Curate collections and resources that will allow our customers to gain access to knowledge whenever and wherever they need it.

Empower Economic Success
Provide access to services, training, resources, and networks that foster economic success for individuals pursuing jobs, career growth, or exploring business development and entrepreneurship.

Inspire Exploration
Create experiences, present new technology, and build collections that inspire our customers while promoting learning through social connection and cultural enrichment.

Promote Connection and Collaboration
Be a catalyst to connect people to people and provide programs, space, and resources to foster creative collaboration across a wide variety of purposes.

Deliver World-Class Service
Deliver responsive and effective service through welcoming, knowledgeable, and caring library staff resulting in customer trust, confidence, and satisfaction.