The Tinker Lab provides the training and tools for experimentation and an introduction to the world of creating and making, an essential element of the 21st-century learner.

The Tinkerlab is a makerspace, a place where people can learn and collaborate together in order to create things. We have a variety of equipment people can use, training classes on how to use them, and workshops that foster all kinds of innovation. Whether you want to learn a new creative skill, develop a favorite hobby, or prototype a product for a new business, Tinkerlab has what you need.

Tinker Lab Resources

Adobe CC Alternatives

Lynda Maker Classes

Skill Share Programs: Fashion Design Workshop 

Saturday, February 20, 2:30-3:30 pmZoom Link

Learn the basics of fashion design and create your own personalized sketches. All you need are pens, pencils, and some paper, but you’ll be able to create endless unique designs. 

Intro to Audio Editing with Audacity  
Make a one-on-one appointment to learn the basic skills of editing sound with Audacity, an audio editing software. Audacity is a free, open-source, “Digital Audio Workstation” with an intuitive interface and a large community of users worldwide. To arrange a time for instruction, email Austin at