Donor Recognition

We gratefully thank the hundreds of supporters who keep the New Haven Free Public Library a place where everyone is welcome.

This page represents support between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

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William and Jean Graustein


Elsie Blackshear Chapman
Priscilla and Bob Dannies


William Curran
Dr. Mary Ellen Savage
Alexander Welsh


Laura and Victor Altshul
Grace and Jay Bright
Martha and Jim Brogan
Fran DeToro and Jamie Cohen
Andrew Drabkin and Brian Hughes
Meredith Gavrin and Gregory Baldwin
Michael Morand
Dr. Cynthia Parker
Carol Ross
Barbara and Richard Feldman


Carolyn and David Belt
Anne and Guido Calabresi
Marianne Carolla
Fred Clarke
Cynthia Cross
John Crossey
Eileen and Andrew Eder
Geraldine Frankel
John Gaddis and Toni Dorfman
Gordon and Shelley Geballe
Vivian and Ed Harris
Richard Larson
Ben Ledbetter, Jr. and Deborah Freedman
Elizabeth Lerner and John Donatich
David Pollard
William Reese
Peter Salovey and Marta Moret
Lynn Street and Donald Margulies
Alexander Sulpasso and Karla Lindquist


Stephanie and Dudley Andrew
William Aseltyne and Jeff Stryker
Dr. Johannes Bergmann
Laura Berry
Ed Bottomley and Tom Griggs
Robert and Kathleen Bradley
Josephine R. Broude
Claire Criscuolo
Phyllis and Joe Crowley
Michael and Suzanne Eisner
Adrienne Gallagher and Jim Nelson
Laura Goldblum
Dr. Sheila Stiles Jewell
Henry Lord
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LoRicco
Margaret MacMullen
Susan Matheson
William Frank Mitchell
Sara Ohly
Tori and Ronnie Rysz
Marion Sachdeva
Mr. and Mrs. John Simon
Wilma and William Summers
John Charles & Diana Seton Wakerley Fund
Rebecca Weiner


Jean-Christophe Agnew
Rachel Alderman
Nancy Alexander and Philip Bernstein
Judith August
Paul & Carole Bass
Prof. Beatrice Bartlett
Nancy Berliner and Alan Plattus
Tim Bertaccini
Elsie S. Blackshear
Jeanne and Harold Bloom
William Bloss
Janet Brodie
Paula Burkhard
Susan Wheeler Byck
Donna and Wayne Cable
Sidney and Laura Cahn
Shannon Callaway and Philip Haile
Patricia Cavanagh
Brenda Cavanaugh
Constance Clement
Frank Cochran and Stephanie Fitzgerald
Gloria Cohen
Julie Cohen
Lizanne Cox
Zoe Cummings and Troy Resch
Ning Wei and Xing Wang Deng
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DesFosses
Hon. William Dyson
Ronald Ebrecht
Ilona and Michael Emmerth
Susan Fair
Pamela Franks
Susan Harvey Feinberg
Keith Bradoc Gallant and Joanna Waley-Cohen
Elisabeth Gersten
Susan and Michael Gibbons
Karyn Gilvarg and Eric Epstein
Ann Greene
Holly Grossetta Nardini
Rev. Bonita Grubbs
Sharon Hamilton
Michelle Hampson
Thomas Haskell
Jane Hindenlang
Richard and Rosalind Hinman
Susanna Holahan
Frank and Bonnie Hole
Mary Hunt
Cary and Dick Jacobs
David James
Peter Karman and Jill Carlton
Jean Kelley
Alice Kustenbauder
Linda Lager
Philip and Maryann Langdon
Constance and Joe LaPalombara
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Levine
Lore Lichtenberg
Alice Logan
Rudolph Loncke
Samuel Malissa
Marianne Mazan
Scott McLean and Lisa Brandes
Harriet Meiss
Claudia Merson
Molly Meyer
Joanne Meyerowitz
George Miller
Mary Miller and Edward Kamens
Charlotte and Charles Murphy
David Newton
Frederick O’Brien
Maryann Ott
Cesar Pelli
Thomas and Halina Platt
David Quint
Jessica Rostow
Joanne Saccio
Anne Schenck
Shana and Olaf Schneider
Barbara and Jim Segaloff
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Skinner
Susan and Steven B. Smith
Kerala and Richard Snyder
Elizabeth Stauderman
Susan S. Stevens
Susan Stout
Len H. Suzio
Doris Townshend
George Veronis
Barbara Wareck and Charles Perrow
Jenya Weinreb and Anton Bures
Susan Weisselberg
Susan Whetstone
Rachel and Stephen Wizner
Ellen Andrew Wormser
Shoshana Zax and John Weiser
George Zdru
Philipp Ziesche

Up to $100

Daisy C. Abreu
Marjo Anderson
Susan Anderson
Mark Aronson
Louis Audette
Henry Auer
Victoria Baena
Will Bailey
Dr. Rosemary Balsam
Susan Dreyfuss Bartholomew
Rachel Bashevkin
Victor and Susan Bers
Kavita Bhandary-Alexander
Betty Lou and Joe Blumberg
Lou Ann and Eric Bohman
Dr. Robert Boltax
Sheri Borelli
John and Elizabeth Bradley
Jennifer and Derek Briggs
Linda Mason Briggs
Carole and Arthur Broadus
Shawn Brown
Susan Buxbaum
John and MaryLou DiPaola, Caffe Bravo Restaurant
Edith Carlson
J Gregory & Suzanne Carroll
Michael Carter
Marcia Cavanaugh
Bitsie Clark
Ellen Cohen and Steven Fraade
Bettye Fletcher and Jim Comer
Liza Comita
Elizabeth R. Cooney
Jane Coppock
Joe Craft and Christina Brunet
Catherine and John Crawford
Clark Crolius and Victoria Nolan
Alison Cunningham
Jan Cunningham
Dennis Curtis and Judith Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D’Amato
Lisa Davis
Bessie Day
Duo Dickinson
Francis Dineen
Samantha Dixon
Isabella E. Dodds
Pat and Bert Doerr
Carol Dorfman and William Segraves
Jeanne Dubino and Andrew Smyth
Amy Duda
Frana Dupree
Ronald Ebrecht
Richard Edwards and Denise Santisteban
Dr. Thomas Eisen and Ms. Elizabeth Jonas
Deborah Elkin
Walter and Sharyn Esdaile
Kathleen Etkin
Geraldine Fabregas
Kathryn Feidelson
Teresa Freeman
Harriet Friedman
Marjorie Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fusco
Nathan and Patricia Garland
Toddie and Chris Getman
Frances Giffin
Robert Gillis
Nina Glickson
Lindy Lee Gold
Fran Goldberg-Cohen
Joseph Gordon and Mark Bauer
Belle Greenberg
Barbara Greenwood and Fethi Meghelli
Ruth Gross
Joseph Guarnaccia and Rajita Sinha
Judith Hahn
Langdon Hammer and Jill Campbell
Wendeline Hardenberg
Ilan Harpaz-Rotem
Doug Hausladen
Patricia Helm
Charlotte Hitchcock
Emily J. Horning
Drs. Carla and Robert Horwitz
Joan Huggins-Banbury
Pamela and Melvyn Hyman
Ann Marie Imbornoni
Alfred Jessel
Erin Johnson
Amy Justice and Joe King
Carolyn Karwoski
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Keller
Dr. Robert King
Polly Kipp and David Lotterstein
Steve Kobasa
Ruth Koizim
Minata Kone
Karin Krochmal
Edith Kufta
Susan Laity
Lauren and Tom Langford
Jean and Jeffry Larson
Mara Lavitt and D. Hayne Bayless
Roslyn Lerner
Molly Levan
Robin and Barbara Levine-Ritterman
Sharon Lovett-Graff
Patricia Loving
Anne Lozon
Byron and Elsie Lutman
Jean Maatta and Michael Frame
Adam Marchand
Lynne Maser
Alice Mattison
Sue McDonald and Corey Stone
Claire McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Julie Moore
Richard Montanaro
Elizabeth Monz
Carol Nardini
Judith Nugent
Peter Nuhn
Sarah Olivier
Edna Orlins
Margaret Otzel
Diana Pacetta-Ullmann and Thomas Ullmann
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Palmieri
Susan Papa and David Schatz
Bob Parker and David Carter
Bruce Peabody
Dr. E. Anthony Petrelli
Elaine Piraino-Holevoet
Elana Ponet
William and Angela Powers
Drika Purves
Susanne Roberts and Stephen Victor
Naomi Rogers
Abigail Roth and R. Lee Stump
Laurie Ruderfer
Joseph and Susan Saccio
Mr. and Mrs. Sandra Santy
Dale Saul
Judith Ann Schiff
Sandra Shaner
Paula Shemitz
Angela Sidman
Lesley Siegel and Lawrence Levenson
Ashley Sklar
Dr. and Mrs. Spiesel
Gay G. Steinbach
Martha Sullivan
Pat Syversten
Virginia and Morton Tenzer
Maria Tonelli
Maria Tupper
Noel Valis
Marge Vallee
Richard Venditto
Carol and Dan Wade
Jean Webb
Susan Webber
Marjorie Wiener
Virginia Wilkinson
Dr. Robert Windom
Tim Yergeau
Christopher Zurcher


Corporations, Businesses and Foundations

Alexion Pharmaceuticals
for the Build-a-Bot Program

Connecticut State Office of the Arts
for Celebrate New Haven public art project
and Pop-Up Festivals in partnership with the International Festival of Arts & Ideas

Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
for Small Business Workshop series

NewAlliance Foundation
Anonymous Foundation
for the READy for the Grade program

Additional Support from
Andrew Rubenoff Design
Blue State Coffee
City of New Haven Peace Commission
Dichello Distributors
Goodcopy Visual Communications
Guilford Savings Bank
IBM International Foundation
Iovanne Funeral Home
Levy Dental Group
Long Wharf Theatre
Lotta Studio
New England Brewing
No. 79 Wooster Lodge AF & AM of CT
Park New Haven
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Town Green Special Services
TYCO Print
Webster Bank


Honorarium Gifts

Gift in honor of Amanda Aromatici by Amy Duda
Gift in honor of Madeleine Cahn by Belle Greenberg
Gift in honor of Susan Weber by Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Webber


Memorial Gifts

Gift in memory of Stephen Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Langdon

Gift in memory of Margery Mills
Dr. Sheila Jewell
Marion Sachdeva



Mardi Gras 2017

Presenting Sponsor

Krewe of Endymion
Yale-New Haven Hospital

Krewe of Rex
Fusco & Co.
Yale University

Gold Bead
Access AV
Goodcopy Visual Communications
Wiggin & Dana

Ives Gold
Cynthia Cross
Priscilla & Bob Dannies
Fran DeToro
Sally and Stephen Glick
Michael Morand and W. Frank Mitchell
Dr. Jennifer You

Ives Patron
Elsie S. Blackshear
Ed Bottomley and Tom Griggs
Jay and Grace Bright
Martha and Jim Brogan
Marianne Carolla
Barbara and Gerald Gaab
Sukhminder Grewal
Claudia Merson
Althea and Fleming Norcott
Doris Townshend
Rosanne Zudekoff

116 Crown
Claire’s Corner Copia
Crepes Choupette
Donut Crazy
Gateway Community College
Meat & Co.
Miya’s Sushi
Soul De Cuba
The Soup Girl