Volunteering – arising from one’s own free will, acting on one’s own initiative, willingly, intentional, deliberate, spontaneous, performs a service, renders aid or assumes an obligation voluntarily…….

For the time being, we have halted our volunteer program.  Gradually, the library has been opening its doors to the public with curbside pick-ups and tech center appointments.  

The library is available:

  • on line anytime at NHFPL.org
  • by phone – 203-946-8130
  • email at refdesk@nhfpl.org or
  • Live Chat,
  • as well as the Library’s
    • Facebook,
    • Twitter, and
    • Instagram

If you are a student seeking community service hours, go to the Teen page and click community resources for a list of nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for your interest,
Kate Cosgrove   203.946.7001 or at  Kcosgrove@nhfpl.org