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link to nhfpl live storytime
Link to people get ready Story time



Cover of the book The Good Egg
Cover of the book Lottie & Walter
Cover of the book Kitten and the Night Watchman
Cover of the book Henry Climbs a Mountain
Cover of the book Grouchy Ladybug
Cover of the book Chicken in School
Cover of the book Duck Soup
Cover of the book I Stink!
Cover of the book A Boy Had a Mother Who Bought Him a Hat!
Cover of the book Sulwe

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Cover of the book Jorge el curioso siembra una semilla
Cover of the book Si le das un panqueque a una cerdita
Cover of the book Si le das una galletita a un raton
Cover of the book ¿Has visto elefante?

Or check out one of our STEAM activities! You can do them from home, or just watch and learn.


Link to video draw a dinosaur with haley
link to video do flowers drink through their stems
link to video accordions with Jeffrey
link to video what is yeast
link to video make a bird feeder
link to video what is bread
link to video how do you make bread
Link to video accordions
link to video endothermic reactions
link to video origami with haley
link to video make it a rainbow
link to video how to make a homemade lava lamp
link to video make a kite
link to video tambouras
link to video draw sea monsters with haley
link to video dancing milk with ms. jennifer
hanging planter with Connor
link to video mandolins
link to video make an owl
link to video make a fan
link to video make some paint blob friends
link to video learn about the lira calabrese
link to video make sidewalk chalk
link to video Learn Fractions! With Ms. Jennifer
link to video weave with Haley
link to video connor presents mobiles