The Exchange of Ives Squared has many resources and programs catered to nonprofits, specifically focusing on local change-makers in the New Haven area. We strive to offer the public the content and connections they need when trying to start their nonprofits, access funding opportunities, write grants, and help get the information and resources they need to accomplish the amazing things they do to help the community.

One resource Ives Squared is proud to offer is our EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence), a resident entrepreneur with the experience and connections needed to get not only entrepreneurs but those involved in nonprofit ventures get started in their journeys and give them a helping hand as they continue to create, mold and establish these ventures. The EIR offers free monthly programs to the community to help a greater audience learn about and access what the library provides for nonprofits and spread their expertise to the public on various topics in this realm. Personal one-on-one office hours are an added benefit to the residency, as this creates an opportunity to establish more personal relationships for those seeking assistance and guidance.

The Ives Squared Exchange works with many community partners to expand our reach and offerings to nonprofits of all types and in all stages, including with SCORE, CTNext, KNOWN, the WBDC, Collab, and the New Haven Innovation Collaborative, among others. With so many local organizations teaming up with us to ensure the goals of Ives Squared are met, nonprofits can be confident that working with us is one of the best ways to access information, database resources, knowledge, mentorship, and funding opportunities.  Lastly, the nonprofit-focused databases we have for free with your library card can help you in numerous ways. For example, they include the powerful Foundation (FDO) from Canvid, Grantwatch, and iProWave, and more!

We know working in nonprofits can be a tough job, and everything the Ives Squared Exchange offers is meant to freely help those in the nonprofit world help others and build a strong civic community and network in New Haven.