The New Haven Free Public Library is a crucial community resource—a place for learning, discovery, and exploration. Your library provides a home for the community, a place where everyone is welcome.

Learn more about the impact of the New Haven Free Public Library and speak up about how the library makes a difference in your life.

Budget Presentations to the Alders Finance Committee

FY2021 Budget Presentation
FY2020 Budget Presentation
FY2019 Budget Presentation
FY2018 Budget Presentation
FY2017 Budget Presentation
FY2016 Budget Presentation

Penny for Your Thoughts

Our Goal: 1% of the City’s Budget
With backing from the Library Board and New Haven Free Public Library Foundation Board,  we are conducting an advocacy campaign to increase our budget to at least 1% of the City’s operating budget by 2020. You can help by continuing to share your stories, contacting your Alders and telling City officials to make the library a priority.


Contact Your Alder

Speak up and tell your Alder how the library has made a difference in your life! Find your Alder and see a list of wards and neighborhood management team meetings.

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Libraries At a Glance

Ives Main Library
Fair Haven Library
Mitchell Library
Stetson Library
Wilson Library

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