The Way We Worked

Smithsonian Exhibit at New Haven Free Public Library Dec. 7, 2013-Jan. 19, 2014

New Haven Free Public Library will debut the Connecticut tour of the Smithsonian Institutions’s The Way We Worked traveling photographic exhibit at the Ives Main Library, 133 Elm St., beginning Saturday, December 7. The exhibit’s 86 photographs span the years 1857-1987 to document American workplaces, work clothing, working conditions and workplace conflicts. For more information please call Patrick McGowan at 203-946-7450.



TWWW Setup Dec 4 2013The Way We Worked installation is now complete! Come visit this fascinating, and informative exhibit at the Ives Main branch in downtown New Haven. The Grove is a new kind of space that encourages and supports people in their work and the development of new ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic, and urban problems we face today. The Grove is more than just a space, it is a dynamic com-munity of social innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that are the new face of New Haven.



About the exhibit:
Created by the Smithsonian Institution and drawing from the National Archives’ rich collections, The Way We Worked explores how work became such a central element in American culture by tracing the many changes that affected the workforce and work environments over the past 130 years.
The Way We Worked has been made possible in Connecticut by Connecticut Humanities in partnership with Historic New England and is part of Connecticut at Work, an initiative of Connecticut Humanities.The exhibit was created by the National Archives and is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide. Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.For a calendar of events and more information, visit


Upcoming The Way We Worked events at the NHFPL:


The Mind at Work Book Discussion with Christopher Brown
December 19, 2013 at Main Branch at 6:00pm

The MindatWorkThumbnailThe Mind at Work (2004)
Mike Rose
As did the national bestseller Nickel and Dimed, Mike Rose’s revelatory book demolishes the long-held notion that people who work with their hands make up a less intelligent class. Through research, interviews and personal history, Rose, an educator who is himself the son of a waitress, explores the intellectual repertory of everyday workers and the terrible social cost of undervaluing the work they do. Facilitator Christopher Brown will lead a discussion.



Working in a New Land
January 9, 2014 at Fair Haven Branch from 5:00pm to 6:30pm

WorkinginaNewLandHistorically, CT has offered offered opportunities for immigrant workers on farms, in brass and textile mills, and in firearms factories. Today, the promise of a better life in America represents opportunities and many challenges, but immigrant workers continue to shape the way we work in CT. This conversation looks back on the contributions made by new Americans and tackles issues that surround their work today.


The Heist Film Talk with Diana Loevy
January 11, 2014 at Mitchell Branch at 2:00pm

2012/76 min
Heist is a groundbreaking documentary about the roots of the American economic crisis, and the continuing assault on working and middle class people in the United States. Heist examines the crumbling structure of the U.S. economy, government regulations on businesses, job outsourcing, and policies implemented by both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Facilitator Diana Loevy will lead a discussion.



Large Scale book discussion with Jonathan Lippincott (author)
January 11, 2014 at Main Branch at 1:00pm

LargeScaleLippincottAn important lost chapter in the history of modern art is now available in paperback. Prior to 1966, if artists wanted to create works larger than their studios or metalworking abilities allowed, they had to turn to industrial manufacturers, who were often unable to accommodate the creative process of making art. Large Scale tells the story of Lippincott, Inc., which, from 1966 to 1994, put the tools of industrial fabrication in the hands of artists, allowing them to produce at a scale they had previously only dreamed of on paper. Lippincott worked with artists from the conception of a project to the completed sculpture, displaying pieces in the field adjoining the shop before installing them all over the country and the world. Drawing on the vast collection of images in the Lippincott archive, Large Scale presents more than three hundred photographs of these artists and their iconic works. The Book’s author, Jonathan Lippincott, will lead a discussion accompanied by a slide show and short film presentation.



Co-Working at The Grove presentation
January 15, 2014 at Main Branch at 6:00pm

Grove co working photoCo-Working at The Grove a presentation showcasing a major new trend in collaborative work. The Grove is a new kind of space that encourages and supports people in their work and the development of new ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic, and urban problems we face today.





Unsung Heroes film talk
January 15, 2014 at Stetson Branch at 6:00pm

UnsungHeroesPhotoUnsung Heroes: the Music of Jazz in New Haven showcases the heritage of New Haven’s jazz community, weaving the personal narratives of musicians and their families within the context of the city’s social and political history. It combines oral histories from individuals who played influential roles in the evolution of jazz music in New Haven with images from a variety of sources.



Shift Change film talk with Diana Loevy
January 18, 2014 at Wilson Branch at 1:00pm

ShiftChangeShift Change investigates employee-owned businesses that provide secure, dignified jobs. Locations of organizations featured include Boston, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Spain.








Saul Kreas: My Life and Struggle book discussion with Joelle Fishman (Editor)
January 18, 2014 at Main Branch at 2:00pm

Saul Kreas photo 2The autobiography of Saul Kreas is the story of staunch, life-long dedication to the cause of working men and woman. His life and memoirs, set forth in this volume, record his experiences as a Jewish boy in czarist Russia, in the revolutionary movement, and as a leading figure in the organized labor movement in Connecticut.





Merritt Parkway film book discussion with Lisa Seidenberg (Director)
January 23, 2014 at Main Branch at 6:00pm

Meritt ParkwayMixing historical information, personal anecdotes and rarely seen archival material, “The Road Taken…The Merritt Parkway”, directed by Lisa Seidenberg, takes an alternately poetic and informative look at the Merritt Parkway; the stunning art-deco bridges, the landscaping, and those infuriating twists and turns that give the road its character. Appearances by photographer Nate Gibbons, former DOT Commissioner Emil Frankel, Chris Wigren Deputy Director, CT Trust for Historic Preservation, preservationist/artist Renee Kahn, and Henry Merritt, a relative of Schuyler Merritt , the Stamford Congressman for whom the Parkway is named. Lisa Seidenberg the film’s director will be present for a discussion.


New Haven historical photo collection presentation with Joe Taylor
January 25, 2014 at Main Branch at 1:00pm

Joe Taylor TWWW photo Local photographer and collector, Joe Taylor, will present highlights from his collection of photos and post cards of Historical New Haven.